Respect for nature and organic commitment

Five Friends

We are five friends with a shared passion – the land and wine – and a deep commitment to respecting and admiring the terroir and the environment.

In 2005, we decided to create a micro-winery in Ribera del Duero, Dominio Romano. We had the excitement, the desire, the curiosity to continue learning from Spain’s great terroirs, and we embarked on a new adventure that has allowed us to learn that, in Ribera del Duero, the climate demands a lot from us, and at the same time, it gives us everything: wines with character that convey their origin.

The Winemaking Legacy of the Douro Valley

Thousands of years ago, Roman culture integrated with the land and climate of the Duero Valley, bringing its knowledge to the cultivation of the vine.

It was this influence that laid the foundations for what today, after countless harvests, materializes as a perfect harmony: the precise combination of climate, land, variety, and expert hands that capture all this essence in a bottle.

After visiting the Roman mosaics of the villa of Baños de Valdearados, unique in the Iberian Peninsula, this ancient and millenary culture inspired us to create the name that gives voice to our winery: DOMINIO ROMANO.

In 2005, the passion for viticulture and the desire to explore and work in some of Spain’s best terroirs led us to undertake a new project in Ribera del Duero, following in the footsteps of the region’s first viticulturists and accepting the challenge of producing red wine in Europe’s most extreme climate for vineyards.


To achieve this, we meticulously selected the vineyards that best embody our philosophy: old Tinto Fino vines planted in various corners of the denomination, grown in dry farming, mostly in the traditional bush vine system, and cultivated organically by us and by farmer friends who share our passion for viticulture.

Jordi’s work in the winery has a clear purpose: to convey the essence of the native Tinto Fino variety, leveraging the best terroirs in the region and maintaining a deep respect for tradition and the environment.