Discovering the Essence of Tinto Fino Variety in Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero is home to a unique grape variety: Tinto Fino.

It is considered a clone of Tempranillo, native to La Rioja, which over the centuries has perfectly adapted its vegetative cycle to the environmental conditions of the region, except for the dreaded spring frosts. In this case, and contradicting the meaning of its Riojan name, the harvest can be delayed well into October, thus favoring medium-high sugar concentrations.

At our winery, Dominio Romano, we take pride in working exclusively with this variety, which finds its maximum expression in the privileged lands of our region.

The history of Tinto Fino intertwines with the history of Ribera del Duero itself. Its roots date back centuries, when the region’s first viticulturists began cultivating these arid and challenging lands. It was they who discovered the potential of this variety to withstand the extreme climate conditions and soils of the area, making it the cornerstone of local viticulture.

The heart of our wine traditions

Tinto Fino is the backbone of our wines and the soul of our winemaking tradition. Adapted to its extreme climate and unique soils, this grape has evolved over centuries to become an emblematic and distinctive variety.

Over the years at Dominio Romano, we have observed differences between Tempranillo and Tinto Fino:

  • Tinto Fino grape grains are smaller, with a smaller diameter, and the cluster is looser, allowing for great aeration of the grapes and very good phenolic ripeness.
  • Its yield is much lower than Tempranillo, the grains are less compact, and thanks to this, we achieve more concentrated wines, with a lot of aromatic power and full of personality.
  • The morphology of the leaves and shoots are different.

The essence of the terroir in every glass

What makes Tinto Fino so special is its ability to faithfully reflect the characteristics of the terroir where it is grown. From its small and compact berries to its conical clusters, every detail of this grape contributes to the creation of characterful wines.

In the vineyards of Dominio Romano, Tinto Fino is cultivated with meticulous care and deep respect for nature. We know every vine, every corner of the vineyard, and we work in harmony with the environment to ensure that each grape reaches its maximum potential.

The character of Tinto Fino is fully revealed in our wines, where elegance merges with power, complexity with freshness.

Each sip is a sensory journey through the landscapes and history of Ribera del Duero, a celebration of the authenticity and passion we infuse into every bottle we make.

For us, Tinto Fino is much more than a grape variety; it is the link that connects the past and present of Ribera del Duero, the thread that connects the land with the palate.

At Dominio Romano, we work exclusively with this variety, crafting wines that tell the story of our region and carry the legacy of generations of winemakers.